About the Musée Morinville Museum

The Musée Morinville Museum is located in the heart of Morinville, Alberta. It covers 5,200 square feet of renovated basement space (2009) in the Notre Dame Convent which was built in 1909.

The Museum faces St.Jean Baptiste Park where a Statue of the Sacred Heart stands, surrounded by an explosion of flowers during the summer months.



Next door are the historic and beautiful St.Jean Baptiste Catholic Church (built 1907) and the clock tower, established 2005.


Once inside the stained glass French doors of the Museum, “east” and “west” wings house the following displays:

The”east wing” is home to a 1928 Model A Ford which was donated by Mrs. Lorette Champagne in 1995.

The “west wing” showcases a mid century Barber Shop and Beauty Salon.


Present Display

The present exhibit is called “Morinville as a Reflection of the Canadian Spirit.” With its strong Francophone roots and multicultural diversities, Morinville is a micrososm of Canada.

Storyline 1: Is a presentation of the foundation of the community and its bilingual origins with strong French and German components. The legacy of Father Morin and his contributions to the Morinville area are endless.

Storyline 2: Presents some of the early leaders in the community, the fruits of their labour and their ingenuity. The leaders presented are the Filles de Jesus, the pioneers and the soldiers of World War I and II.

Storyline 3: Presents the call to the west and pioneer life which brought many people to Morinville and area.

Visit our Pineer Women’s Exhibit

Women worked very hard inside and outside the home.  Their workday began before dawn and ended after dusk.  These women, primary keepers of the family and home, cared for the children, cleaned the house, prepared meals, sewed, washed the clothes, planted the garden, canned etc.

Also see our Prominent Women of Morinville display, featuring:

  • Sarah Rondeau: Town midwife in the early 1900’s Louise Billo: Town Administrator
  • Mary Anne Balsillie: Mayor of Morinville from 1992-1995
  • Thelma Chalifoux: Canadian Senator from 1997-2004

View the Morinville Historic Timeline from 1891 – 2011.

Art Gallery

Tour the Morinville Art Club’s display of local artisans works located inside the Museum. The artwork on display is available for purchase.

Gift Shop

The Gift Shop has the following items for sale:

  • Morinville Historical and Cultural Society History Books Volumes 1&2
  • “Faith and Tenacity” book by Sister Alice Trottier
  • Small sale items such as postcards, spoons, cups, magnets, bookmarks, church pins & key rings.


 The collection is stored in an environmentally controlled storage room to ensure the items are protected and available to future generations.

The collection consists of old photos of Morinville, books, newspapers, binders and items donated by local residents and founding family members.